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T-Shirt Mock-Up's

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There are many services for selling prints for T-shirts, as well as many designers who produce their T-shirts. There is not always a financial opportunity to immediately organize a photoshoots, and it is not always justified, so for this there are mock-ups of T-shirts.

We have long been engaged in the creation of mock-up, so we get a lot of feedback, we were able to correct all the errors and continue to work on quality.

All our works are carefully handled. 

We conducted an analysis of the T-shirt mock-ups market and selected the best ones. Pay attention, not only are our projects here, we strive for better quality, therefore we are for honesty.

So, meet, a selection of the Top 10 T-Shirt Mock-Up's.


T-Shirt Mock-Up Urban Edition

This T-Shirt mock-up is very popular. The photo is a stylish girl and a guy in different city locations. It is time-tested, we received a lot of positive feedback from our customers.

Follow the link to view it in more detail.


T-Shirt Mock-Up Fashion Girl

T-Shirt Mock-Up with a beautiful girl with a perfect figure in the stylish places of the city. If you want to beautifully present the design of women's T-Shirts - this is what you need.

It also has a very good rating from buyers.


T-Shirt Mock-Up Urban Edition

A very common mock-up on the Internet is a girl and a guy in a big city. High-quality photos and retouching.


T-Shirt Mock-Up Stylish Men

If you need photos of a brutal man for a presentation, this set is best for you. Tanned, with a beard and torn jeans, everything is as it should be. Photo quality is also excellent.


T-Shirt Casual Style Mock-Up

We continue the topic with brutal men. It seems these are the best sets to show your instagram design.


Summer Girl T-Shirt Mock-Up

Let's return to the beautiful girls. This sunny summer mock-up is perfect for the presentation of vivid examples of design. Notice how the cover shows different colors, any color is dark and light, it looks realistic on a T-shirt.


T-Shirt Mock-Up

This mock-up is interesting for its diversity. The girl in different places, in different poses with different props.


T-Shirt Mock-Up Bangkok Couple

If you need to show the female and male model in one photo - this mocap is for you. Joint and separate photos in the big and beautiful city.


T-Shirt Mock-Up Summer Collection

Mock-up also with joint photos. But already another sports couple in tropical places, on vacation.


T-Shirt Mock-Up Premium Bundle

Finish our selection of Premium Bundle T-Shirt Mock-Up's. If you need a lot of T-shirt mock-ups at once, then this set is exactly for you. There are 60 mock-ups at a very competitive price.


Follow the link and learn more.

If this is not enough for you, go to our mock-ups section and see the latest projects. We are constantly working on new mock-ups, improving the quality of our work.

If you have any suggestions, please contact us at mail support@dikarte.store or use the chat in the lower right corner.

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